The best of the Mediterranean, II Food & Wine Cruise onboard Seabourn Sojourn
Guest Sommelier, April 2015


After a succesfull first F&W cruise, Seabourn has invited me once again for the second edition of their Food & Wine cruises. This time, I created and execute with their corporate team a serie of events around wine which included: a 3 days wine tasting seminar, 3 wine lectures covering Greece, Italy and Provence, an unique event of Wine & Opera, a wine tour to the heart of Chianti and several tastings includuing: olive oil, grappa, digestifs, aperitifs, lemoncello and ouzo. 


The 7 days itinerary took us from Athens through Monemvasia, Amalfi, Civitavecchia, Livorno, St. Tropez and Monaco. Very busy days having an amazing time with Adam Sachs (Chief Editor of Saveur Magazine) and with the fantastic Italian and French chefs, Giuseppe Argentino and Jean-Claude Calavera.


To read more about my participation in this cruise, please visit the website from Chris Owen, a Travel Writer who has been onboard for the trip, writting a whole review about it. Here the links:



  • Passionate, Engaging Sommelier Makes Wine Study Fun

    " [...And contact with Sebastian is plentiful on the Seabourn Food And Wine cruise. Ever present at all onboard events, Pacheco imparts his love of wine at every opportunity. It’s a topic that can run dry very quickly if not done well. I know. I have been bored and lost interest about half way through a number of wine seminars..”...]"

    " [...As one Seabourn Guest put it, “I came for the food, my wife came for the wine but after that Greek wine lecture, I’m on board with both. I didn’t see that coming”. Indeed, through an intense wine seminar for those who really want to go deep into the topic, Pacheco will take them through nearly 40 different wines from all around the world....]"

    " [...Sebastian is one of those people too who gets ‘engaging others’ socially and will no doubt be in touch with Seabourn Guests long after the sailing has ended. In other words, we now have a wine expert to ask questions of for life. He’s just that good and just that engaging....]"





Taste of Asia, III Food & Wine Cruise onboard Seabourn Sojourn
Guest Sommelier, January 2016

On my last F&W cruise I had the chance to plan, organize and execute all of the events described bellow:


- Lecture on "The Wines from Asia" (covering the countries of Thailand, India, Bhutam, Vietnam, Japan and China)

- Lecture on "Stories of the wine world" (I share live some of the most interesting stories from the wine world)

- Workshop on "Food and Wine Pairing" (how to pair F&W)

- Wine Tastings, incluiding Top Bordeaux (left bank), USA & Italy, Blind Tastings, The Red Obsession Tasting (only first growth) and Champagne.

- Training your nose session (Using the Aromaster set of aromas)

- Nights of Music & Wine (Tango & Malbec, Pinot Noir & Classic, Merlot & Pop)

- Cocktails demostrations (Molecular cocktails, cocktails in history, cocktails inspired in tea and cocktails inspired in Asia)

- Sake Tasting

- Liquors from the World Tasting

- Wellness Bar & Hangover recipes



For pictures and more detail on the events, please visit: 



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